Hi-Lighter Series

A sleek attractive design the blends perfectly with its environmental surroundings.

Delivers effective, quality lighting in outdoor situations including parks, pedestrian walkways, carparks and community areas. This light is highly customizable to fit all applications.

Product details

  • Waterproof, IP65 rating
  • Mounting height up to 12m
  • High grade aluminium housing and grey finish
  • Easy to install and maintain


Hi-Lighter 30W Hi-Lighter 50W Hi-Lighter 70W Hi-Lighter 180W – with Daylight Sensor 
Item code 110944 110945 110946 110854
Product code LST03-030 LST03-050 LST03-070 LST07-180/K
AC input 240V 50Hz
Typical light output 3900Lm 6500Lm 9100Lm 23400Lm
CRI 70CRI (80 CRI optional)
CCT range 5000K (3000K , 4000K optional)
Light distribution R17601, R17602, R17603, R17604, R17605
Thermal rating -30°C  to 50°C
Dimming 1-10V dimming, Photo Cell, Timer Control & centralized smart control
Spigot size φ 34mm / 42mm / 60mm / 72mm