Hi-Giene Round

Round fitting options for high hygiene applications

This versatile and cost effective luminaire is a perfect choice for all applications that require a high degree of hygiene application.

It is available in a round pendant, round surface mount and round recessed fittings. Suitable for a wide range of applications from food processing, dairy and pharmaceutical.

Product details

  • IP66 optical chamber
  • Housing: heavy duty powder coated aluminium
  • Complies with all food processing standards
  • Government rebates available


Hi-Giene Round Surface 250W Hi-Giene Round Recess 250W
Item code 33898 33785
Product code HGR26S480R250M HGR26R480R250M/WM
AC input 240V 50Hz
Light output 26,000Lm
CCT range 4000K (5000K optional)
Light distribution Symmetrical
Thermal rating -40°C to +50°C (remote driver), -40°C to +30°C (integral driver)
Control system   1-10V dimming (DALI, Motion sensor, Smart control - optional)
Emergency Optional emergency add on (Manual, Self-test and Centralised monitoring)
Accessories (none) Trafficable wire mesh kit included
Other optional wattages 100W, 150W & 180W